Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Our Mission

We are passionate about design. We believe that design can transform environments and thrill people. Our mission is to work closely with our clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs – whether is a kitchen, a bathroom, or an entire home.

Our History

We believe that everything in life has a purpose. In 2000, when we first met, we realized that we shared not only the same family values but also the same passion: construction and design. Our marriage materialized our love and the opportunity to start a family business, a business that could somehow generate a positive impact to other families and their homes. This passion combined with our individual skills and teamwork – a constructor engineer descendant of Italians with a professional interior designer. This became our recipe for excellence to deliver unique customized solutions to our clients in the fascinating world of construction, remodeling, and interior design.

Our Team

Lunardi Decor believes in creating a company environment that provides comfort and confidence. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. We pride ourselves on meeting budget and scheduling requirements.

Leandro & Vanessa Lunardi